Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yes, I know.  I've neglected this blog for awhile.  Late September through early October was very busy with trying to make all the pieces of a puzzle fit together to take Dexters to FarmFest in Springfield and then the MO Dexter Breeders Show and Sale near there two weeks later.  Working to get the animals ready--foot trimming, halter-training, getting grooming-comfortable, having vet checks....  Working to get the arrangements made to keep them somewhere down there since driving a pickup and trailer that far is not my favorite thing to do; so handling both events in one trip was highly desired.  Had the reservations made, the money sent in.  Animals ready, six-year-old Abi all eager to show, etc.  Both events fell through for us because of my truck.  Mechanic shop didn't get truck ready soon enough for the first one and steering wasn't great.   Ok, so try to save and go to the second anyway....  We had the truck packed and ready, the animals loaded in the trailer, Abi in the back seat, her mom and I in the front and we headed off.  Stopped in Chillicothe at WalMart for something like water and--what should happen, but the power-steering goes out on the truck!  Limp to somewhere to try to get expert help.  Time spent waiting at the shop and I walking to ask nearby acquaintances if they know of someone for hire to drive.  Abi and her mom, and I concur, decide it is not best for them to make the trip, but I need to sell animals and have committed them to the sale as well as the show.  So they get a ride home and I head out.  Get a third of the way there and replenish the fluids and decide it is not really safe for me either.  DISAPPOINTING!!!!  Also needed to reduce animals for winter care.  Tried to find a way to do an online auction, worked on it til first week of December.  No carrier worked out.

Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving homestays went well; I was blessed to be a part of the process again of foreign students in the Intensive English Program at MU visiting in American family homes at Thanksgiving.  Christmas also came and went (with lots of cold weather surrounding that time.)

Winter is upon us, and a hard one it is.  Maintain.  Try to maintain.  The name of the game is day to day.  Neglect blog because positive things I can find to say are regarding the warmth of friends, but not farm news--so not the blog material to put up.  Hope everyone else is finding blessings in their relationships this winter...and maintaining!


  1. What is your asking price for your Dexters?

  2. Sorry I didn't see comment sooner. Prices vary with age, sex, market factors, training. Call me. I love to "talk Dexter."